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Blood and Entrails in New ‘Empress Vampire’ Pics



China is cashing in on the vampire craze with Phil Condit’s Empress Vampire (Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui), only instead of heartthrob male vamps, they’re going tickling the hearts of men with a crazy hot female bloodsucker.

A crazy looking official website has been launched featuring a slew of imagery, while inside you’ll find the trailer.

The synopsis is so ridiculously long, you might want to read on to see what it’s all about. Otherwise, a slew of new images have been posted at Roberthood:

The revelry of an upscale Halloween party is shattered by gunshots as two armed robbers attempt to fleece the well-to-do patrons of their money and jewels. A diminutive, cloaked figure steps out of the crowd of revelers. In a brief display of superhuman powers, the figure effortlessly kills the two robbers, despite being shot repeatedly. When news of these events reaches Washington D. C., FBI agent Dan Higgins is dispatched to track down the figure and enlist their aid in furthering the agenda of the United States abroad. Agent Higgins enlists the aid of a hunter and a psychic who are also intent on tracking down the figure.

Who is tracking who becomes serious when they realize they are attempting to track down a vampire, and not just any vampire, but the Source Vampire – the one from who of all other vampires descended – Empress Vampire!

The Empress is far more than a mere vampire. No power on earth can stop her. And she craves more than mere blood; she is carnal as well as carnivorous.

What ensues is a twisting path tracking down the Empress and, once found, the harrowing encounters and intense struggles between her, the government, and the team of hunters. It is filled with greed and power, romance and seduction, lust and slash, revenge and religion, humor and horror. What will come from such a deadly game of cat and mouse when the government finds it cannot control the power of the Empress?

Not for the squeamish or easily offended, Empress Vampire is a journey into darkness – the darkness of hell unleashed on earth, the darkness of primal desires run amok, the darkness of human greed, and the darkness of the perversion of the ultimate vampire.

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