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Get Ready for Mega Meta Mayhem When Charlie Sheen Joins ‘Scary Movie 5’



While a had my fun screaming “Winning!” and “I’ve got tiger’s blood”, the joke is old, stale, and frankly should be locked away in the vault for life. Between Charlie Sheen making peace over his firing off of the bland sitcom “Two & a Half Men”, and his roast being a send off to the past year of PR mayhem, I thought we were going to be finished with the “Warlock” with “Adonis DNA.”

According to the random website, ThinkMcFlyThink, Sheen is in negotiations to star in Dimension Films’ Scary Movie 5. The previous four installments were dog sh*t, with the past two being some of the lamest of spoof films ever assembled. I thought that, being the year 2011, we were moving into a new area. Unfortunately, it sounds as if we’ll be resuming jokes that involve a hotdog, a donut and an out of control actor. Get ready for a series of self-referential jokes that’ll be too little, too late come 2012.

If Sheen were to sign on, he’d join the previously announced cast of Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart. There is no director attached as of yet, although David Zucker has been originally locked in. They better hurry if they’re going to make their April 20, 2012 date.

Sheen starred in both Scary Movie 3 and 4.

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