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[Contest] WIN One Of Three Copies Of ‘War Games’ (Region 2) On DVD



IndiVision, a branch of Universal Pictures UK, has given us three copies of War Games for a giveaway. The film, inspired by true event, tells the story of an innocent group of friends who are hunted down by psychopathic ex-soldiers, turning their country break into a bloody nightmare. Check past the break for your chance to win!
When the adventure seeking group of friends head off for a light-hearted weekend of mock warfare, they have no idea of the fatal traps laid out for them by heavily armed hunters who appear to be tracking their every move.

Finding themselves caught up in a deadly game of hide and seek, but clueless to why they are being targeted, the group’s mock guns and ammunition are no match for their unseen predators’ stash of barbaric weapons and landmines. As the murderers begin to pick them off one by one, slaughtering them in increasingly gruesome and barbaric ways, the group realize that deep inside the impenetrable forest, nobody is coming to save them.

Petrified and powerless to stop the escalating violence, the victims become embroiled in a macabre mind game that will see them win, or die. As their desperation grows, so too does the frenzied and graphic horror on screen. Viewers will be gripped as the group battles it out against an almost inhuman, totally insane foe.

TO ENTER: Put WAR GAMES DVD in the subject line and send your full name, answer, and address to bloodydisgustingpodcast@gmail.com. Winners will be selected later this week. Also, keep in mind that these DVDs are Region 2, so you need to live in Europe or have a region-free player to be able to watch it.

WAR GAMES QUESTION: The group are being chased by psychopathic ex-WHAT?


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