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Universal Plays Smart, Preps For ‘Grim Night’



*Update: Universal Pictures acquired rights. I’m very excited and guarantee all other studios will regret missing out.

Suppose the world knew DEATH was coming…

Unbroken Pictures is behind a mind-blowing new project entitled Grim Night, a new “holiday”-inspired horror film that mixes the supernatural with the end of the world was penned by Allen Bey and Brandon Bestenheider, and produced by none other than Bryan Bertino, the man behind The Strangers.

From the promo trailer (a piece of footage used to sell the screenplay, meaning there is no movie just yet) I was able to piece together the plot: “Grim Night” takes place once a year, where Grim Reapers come to Earth to collect souls. The video teases the loss of over 90,000 people thus far.

What’s so incredibly creepy about the promo is that is takes the horror genre out of a contained box and supposes that everyone in the world knows about these demons. It would be as if Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees were real, and everybody knew they were coming. How would the world react to a yearly invasion by Death’s army?

It’s brilliant stuff and can only hope a studio is smart enough to snatch it up and get this sucker immediately into production. What are your thoughts?


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