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What Might A Practical ‘The Thing’ Prequel Have Looked Like?



People have a lot of understandable beef with The Thing prequel. Fragmented story, Eric Christian Olsen and CGI. Mainly the CGI.

Last month I interviewed Eric Heisserer, one of the film’s screenwriters, and he was very forthright that the film was originally intended to be all practical. “I got this job going in with the firm, fervid belief that no CGI should ever be in this movie. That it should be all practical. We are creating a very grounded psychological thriller and part of that paranoia with the monster movie is to have the monsters as real and as grounded as everything else we’re making around them

And now some new images of the practical work by Vincent Guastini, some dating back to when The Thing prequel was a SyFy Channel product under the tutelage of Frank Darabont (before it changed hands to Strike Entertainment/Universal), has gone online.

Per Make Up Mag, “Vincent Guastini’s special make-up effects credits include Requiem for a Dream, Dogma and Saturday Night Live; he also contributed to the recent prequel of The Thing, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the film.

Guastini, who describes himself as “a huge fan of The Thing mythos” says he was contacted in 2004 when the Syfy channel was considering an episodic version of The Thing, and later, a made-for-TV feature version penned by Frank Darabont…

Over time, however, concepts for the film and Guastini’s original ideas and designs ultimately weren’t used in the film. So here is your chance to see Guastini’s concept designs and sculptures for the first time.

Hit the jump to check a few out! More images available at Make Up Mag!


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