Milla Jovovich Does Makeup for 'Retribution' Subway Scene - Bloody Disgusting
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Milla Jovovich Does Makeup for ‘Retribution’ Subway Scene



I’m officially getting bored with all of the Resident Evil: Retribution behind-the-scenes videos. It’s just a bit too much IMO. But I know damn well I;m going to miss it when production wraps.

Milla Jovovich is back, this time with video from a new location that takes us into an unknown subway station. You’ll also spot director Paul W.S. Anderson floating around..

With Anderson back behind the camera, Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon, Shawn Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, Johann Urb, Oded Fehr, Kevin Durand and Li Bingbing star.

In theaters September 14, Urb plays the leader of the Resistance, who teams with Jovovich’s Alice character as she battles the Umbrella Corporation and the swarm of undead.


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