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Ryan Kwanten Gives Updates On ‘Knights of Badassdom’ and “True Blood” Season 5!



Last week while Bloody Disgusting was on the Los Angeles set of Takashi Shimizu’s new film, 7500, we had a chance to sit down with Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”, Red Hill) and talk about his current projects. While I can’t say too much about 7500 right now, Kwanten was able to give us a few (mostly speculative) updates on the 5th Season of “True Blood” as well as Joe Lynch’s The Knights Of Badassdom.

I asked Kwanten if he could comment on rumors that “True Blood” Season 5 would content that might upset the conservative religious right far more than prior seasons, “Uh, no I can’t really [comment] on that.

Have they started breaking stories? “They have. We start shooting [the new season] at the end of the month. They’ve been kind enough [on 7500] to schedule my stuff up front to accommodate“.

On how his character in Knights Of Badassdom differs from Jason Stackhouse. “I get the feeling Jason’s [humor] is more situational. He’s not, I don’t play him with the intention of hoping people laugh at it. I play the situation for real and it’s the situation that’s funny. With ‘Knights Of Badassdom’ it’s playing the straight guy. And I’m surrounding myself with great character actors like Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage who very much add that nice comedic flavor to it. That was a nice challenge for me to sort of drop all sense of pretense and trust the people around me. It’s more of a character driven piece for me, it’s nice. I’m really looking forward to it, I’m not sure win they’re going to release it. I’d assume midway though next year.

7500 lands in theaters on August 31, 2012. Expect more updates, and our full set report, as that date approaches.


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