TV: Paul W.S. Anderson Heads Found Footage Series 'The Reel' - Bloody Disgusting
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TV: Paul W.S. Anderson Heads Found Footage Series ‘The Reel’



Leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne) has joined forces with Paul W.S. Anderson (Alien vs Predator, Event Horizons, Resident Evil) and Jeremy Bolt to develop a new one-hour psychological thriller series for television, “The Reel”. The series spec was brought to eOne by talented first-time writer Adam D’Alba.

In this “found footage” series,” a young documentarian searches for evidence of the supernatural. His first case concerns the mysterious last days of two teenagers and a serial killer, known as the Mirror Mask Killer, who uses various forms of psychological torment to exact bloody vengeance on its victims.“It combines supernatural shocks in a case-per-week format that leads viewers through a season-long mystery.


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