Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter And Sean Young To Star In Moderncine's 'Jug Face'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter And Sean Young To Star In Moderncine’s ‘Jug Face’!



Bloody Disgusting can exclusively report that Moderncine’s next film will be called Jug Face and will be shooting in Nashville, TN in April. As a fan of The Woman I’m pretty excited about the package they’ve put together.

Lauren Ashley Carter and Sean Bridgers (both from The Woman) will be playing the lead roles of Ada and Dawai. The rest of the ensemble cast includes Larry Fessenden (Stake Land, I Sell The Dead) and Sean Young (Blade Runner, Wall Street) playing husband and wife as Ada’s parents and Graham Patrick Martin (“Two and a Half Men”, Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door) playing Ada’s brother, Jessaby.

Writer/Director Chad Crawford Kinkle will be helmer and Cinematographer Chris Heinrich will be shooting. Producers are Andrew van den Houten and Robert Tonino(Brian Keene’s Ghoul/The Woman) for MODERNCINÉ. Kinkle’s original script for the film won Slamdance’s screenplay competition last year.

‘Jug Face’ tells the story of a teen, pregnant with her brother’s child, who tries to escape from a backwoods community when she discovers she must sacrifice herself to a creature in a pit.

Thanks to John Marrone for the heads up. Fessenden and Young.