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‘Thale’ Tells The Tale Of A Tail In New Trailer!



A few weeks ago we brought you news of a Norwegian horror film is arriving later in 2012 that will tell the tale of the “huldra”. Aleksander Nordaas’ Thale follows a creepy chick with a cow’s tale that appears normal from the front, but will appear “hollowed out” from behind (like a tree trunk).

Here’s what Wiki says about the lore: “In some traditions, the huldra lures men into the forest to have sexual intercourse with her, rewarding those who satisfy her and often killing those who do not. The Norwegian huldra is a lot less bloodthirsty and may simply kidnap a man or lure him into the underworld. She sometimes steals human infants and replaces them with her own ugly huldrebarn (changeling huldre children). In some cases, the intercourse resulted in a child, being presented to the unknowing father. In some cases, she forces him to marry her.

Twitch got their hands on the full length, English-subbed, trailer. Hit the jump for that as well as to check out the two teasers you may have already missed!





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