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TV: ‘The Munsters’ Retitled To ‘Mockingbird Lane’



TV Line confirms earlier rumors that NBC’s “The Munsters” television reboot will be titled “Mockingbird Lane”, which is of course where the family moves to start their new life.

The project is currently in the casting stage, so there’s still time for “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller/X-Men auteur Bryan Singer/NBC to consult our dream picks for Herman, Lily and the rest of the creepy brood.

The project features striking visuals mixed with all the classic “Munsters” archetypes. Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vamp. Lily’s niece Marilyn the freak is actually normal and Lily and Herman’s only child, Eddie, has his werewolf tendencies surface in puberty, forcing the family to relocate to their famous 1313 Mockingbird Lane address.

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