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DVD Trailer, Box Art And Images Prep You For ‘The Wicker Tree’



On April 24th Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the Wicker Man companion piece, The Wicker Tree, on both Blu-ray and DVD. Set in the same universe as the 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward, the film is written and directed by the original helmer, Robin Hardy, who also reunited with the original producer Peter Snell and venerable UK production company British Lion to bring a chilling new vision of this classic story to 21st century audiences, after a theatrical run.

Based on Hardy’s acclaimed 2006 novel “Cowboys for Christ,” “ ‘The Wicker Tree’ tells the story of Texas-based singer Beth Boothby (newcomer Brittania Nicol) and her friend Steve Thomson (Henry Garrett, “The Bill,” “Skins”), two born-again Christians who come to Scotland to spread the gospel. When their initial efforts are met with disdain and disinterest, they find comfort in an invitation to sing in Tressock, the border fiefdom owned by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish, Rambo, the upcoming The Hobbit films).

However, Beth’s and Steve’s message of personal chastity quickly comes into direct conflict with Tressock’s sexual and religious practices, drawing upon ancient Celtic beliefs and rituals. Temptations begin to challenge Beth and Steve – with the stakes no less than their very lives and souls…

Bonus features on The Wicker Tree Blu-ray and DVD include a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer.

Lee, who played the mysterious Lord Summerisle in the original, returns again in a dramatic cameo. Rounding out the cast are Jacqueline Leonard as Lady Delia Morrison, Clive Russell as Beame, James Mapes as Reverend Moriarty and Honeysuckle Weeks as Lolly.

Hit the jump to check out the box art, the DVD trailer and some stills!


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