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Official Poster For ‘Compound Fracture’, Starring Derek Mears and Tyler Mane



*Updated with the first official poster.

Tyler Mane, the latest incarnation of Michael Myers, has launched a production company (MANE Entertainment) as is set to star in his own Compound Fracture. Also starring is the fresh face of Friday the 13th, Derek Mears, alongside Muse Watson (I Know What You Did Last Summer). After the break you’ll find a sales poster and text-based trailer for the A.J. Rickert-Epstein-directed horror flick. Todd Farmer, Susan Angelo, Renae Geerlings, Dan Roebuck and Alex Saxon also star.

Michael Silna has just gotten custody of his only sister’s son after she was murdered by her husband before his very eyes.

To fulfill his sister’s dying wish, Michael takes his nephew and wife and makes the journey home to his only other living relative: his estranged, eccentric (and extremely paranoid) father who is obsessed with building an unassailable compound.

Once there, Michael hopes to repair his shattered family, but instead he finds that they are all trapped inside his father’s creation when the ghost of his vengeful brother-in-law returns to wipe out the rest of the Silna family.

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