Black Ops II's First Day Amazon Pre-Orders Smash MW3's. Come On Inside For All Pre-Order Details - Bloody Disgusting
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Black Ops II’s First Day Amazon Pre-Orders Smash MW3’s. Come On Inside For All Pre-Order Details



It seems to be a trend where each new Call Of Duty game that is released does better than its predecessor. Well Black Ops II brought in 10 times as many pre-orders on Amazon in the 1st day than the original Black Ops. It’s also brought in 30 percent more than Modern Warfare 3. Though Modern Warfare 3 holds the record for most pre-ordered game of all time, it’s looking like Black Ops II is going to catch up to that quickly and shatter it. Head past the break for all the pre-order details from the top retailers.

Amazon – You get a free wallpaper. I’m assuming for your computer?

Best Buy – 15% off the game guide, and free dog tags.

Game Stop – Free poster. MW3 prestige token, which I’m assuming you can use in Modern Warfare 3 to immediately prestige.

These pre-order items, well they suck. It’s still early though. Stay tuned for more details on hopefully more pre-order bonuses and special editions.


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