MGM Adopts Family Of Ghouls In 'From The Dust Returned' - Bloody Disgusting
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MGM Adopts Family Of Ghouls In ‘From The Dust Returned’



MGM has acquired the screen rights to From The Dust Returned, a Ray Bradbury collection of short stories that focuses on a mortal boy named Timothy who is adopted into a family of benevolent ghouls, Deadline reports.

The book is set up with a series of vignettes, told to Timothy by his mummified grandmother, on the eve of a family reunion that takes place each Halloween. The stories reveal the eccentric ghouls that comprise his family. Mom and dad are loving vampires; teen sister Cecy is immobilized and bed-ridden, but she can teleport into the bodies of other mortals so that she can experience human emotions, Uncle Einar is a green-winged vampire who serves as a human kite for Timothy. To Timothy, who was dropped on their doorstep, it’s family.

The book was published in 2002 and the short story “The Homecoming” was turned into a 2006 graphic novel. Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan are producing.


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