The Horrors Of 'Bizarro Au Go-Go' In Full Color Photo Book - Bloody Disgusting
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The Horrors Of ‘Bizarro Au Go-Go’ In Full Color Photo Book



“Bizarro Au Go-Go” is an 88 page full color photo book featuring the sculptures, props, and special FX of Cig Neutron and the Photography and photo manipulation of Rannie Rodil. Check out two teaser images and a trailer, with the book available for purchase here.

Here’s the release: “If 80’s horror campiness, and 50’s sci-fi got liquored up and decided to have a blood orgy at a monster mash slumber party full of hot babes, then “Bizarro Au Go-Go” would be the unholy love child of that night. We took all the things we love from pin-up aesthetic to cult craziness and threw them all together in one blood-soaked picture book. “Bizarro Au Go-Go” depicts a wide range of fetishes in the most absurd (and often comical) ways. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s scary.

Pin-up style catfights, fake movie posters, advertisements for outrageous products that you can actually order from us, hot chicks covered in gallons of blood, it’s sure to appeal to the perverse cult fanatic in all of us. Throw in a cheesy sense of humor, and there you have it. This book has more puns than the Cryptkeeper.”


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