UPDATED: Is Don Coscarelli Finally Gearing Up For 'Phantasm 5'? Nope! - Bloody Disgusting
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UPDATED: Is Don Coscarelli Finally Gearing Up For ‘Phantasm 5’? Nope!



Update:I have no solid news to report on a new project now,” franchise creator Don Coscarelli explains to Bloody, debunking yesterday’s story as we expected.

I’m sick of talking about the Phantasm franchise without having something concerte to report. We’ve had how many false starts now? 5? 10? 50? 100?

Dread Central, who backs their ass up by stating they’re “at least 95% sure of the news,” reports that the long-gestured Phantasm 5 is a reality. And while they have been right in the past (Evil Dead), they don’t have a start date. No director. No writer. No word on if franchise director Don Coscarelli will be returning, nor star Reggie Bannister or Angus Scrimm. Just news that an “extremely reliable source” tells them that the Phantasm 5 script is complete and that it “will begin filming this year.” The last time this was reported on, unconfirmed sources stated Anchor Bay was producing a 3-D sequel. That never happened.

The last time Coscarelli was rumored to start Phantasm 5 it turned out to be John Dies at the End. It should also be noted that the literary sequel to “John Dies at the End”, “This Book Is Full of Spiders,” will be published in October 2012.

New Line Cinema at one time prematurely announced they acquired remake rights to a brand new trilogy. This never came into fruition either.

The day Phantasm 5 is 100% officially announced, we’ll all celebrate together.

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