E3 2012: 'Silent Hill: Book Of Memories' (Supposedly) Coming This October, Teases With Another Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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E3 2012: ‘Silent Hill: Book Of Memories’ (Supposedly) Coming This October, Teases With Another Trailer



If you’ve been following Book of Memories you’re undoubtedly fully aware of its fickle relationship with release dates, so I suggest taking this bit of news with a grain of salt lest you get your heart broken as you’re again forced to watch as Pyramid Head slowly walks off out of view, leaving you with thoughts of what could have been. If you’ve been anxiously waiting for some steamy handheld Silent Hill co-op action, you’ll get all you can handle this October when Silent Hill: Book of Memories releases for the PS Vita. It features four player co-op, a more action oriented approach to the survival horror series, and it almost definitely won’t be awful. Check out the trailer after the break.

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