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E3 2012: Sorry Boys, The New Dante Isn’t Gay



Now this is a little disappointing. I’ll admit I got some vibes from the recent trailer where Dante wasn’t afraid to show some skin and was described by an anchorman as a “sexual deviant,” a term that was thrown around a bit in the 70’s and 80’s when intolerance of homosexuality was commonplace. While most games are busy sexualizing their women, DmC has been focusing on its lean demon slaying protagonist who winks a lot and sleeps in the nude. Sadly, according to Ninja Theory chief designer Tameem Antoniades, the new Dante hasn’t changed quite that drastically. More after the break.

When Joystiq asked Tameem Antoniades which side Dante bats for he replied “No, he’s not gay.” According to his translator this wasn’t the first time that question had been brought up. “I kind of wish he was now,” Antoniades concluded.

This brings up an interesting issue, and that’s the surprising void of gay characters, male or female, in video games. They’re there, but they’re also few and far between. But even so, DmC: Devil May Cry looks incredible. Here’s the game’s new E3 trailer, in case you missed it.

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