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New Katy Perry Music Video Is Chock Full Of Horror References



Katy Perry is really hit or miss with me. Wait, let me amend that last statement: Katy Perry is pretty much always a miss with me but occasionally has the rare hit (I won’t lie, I really enjoy “Part Of Me”). I guess I just don’t see what her appeal is anymore. So she had a hit with “You’re So Gay” followed by “I Kissed A Girl”. So what? What else has she done that is so exciting or exhilarating? Pretty much every other song she has released is really generic and/or boring. Plus she somehow manages to use the most annoying phrases and words in pop lyric history. Want examples? Just listen to any song and you’re golden.

Whatever, I’m obviously showing my distaste and I try to remain impartial (coughBULLSH*Tcough). So, that being said, let’s talk about the new Katy Perry video for “Wide Awake”, which is, as the headline states, chock full of horror imagery.

Here are some films that I caught elements of in the video: Labyrinth, Pan’s Labyrinth, A Nightmare On Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors, The Ring, Alice In Wonderland, Orphan, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Yeah, all of those in one video. The problem is that for as visually polished and beautiful the video is, it isn’t exciting to watch. This is only hindered by the song itself being even more boring. Still, with all of these elements, I figured I’d bring it to your attention (watch it below) and ask what do you think of it?

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