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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12 Interview] ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Star Milla Jovovich!



Sony Screen Gems took to the San Diego Comic-Con to promote a heft of titles arriving this year, one being the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution 3D, which brings Paul W.S. Anderson back behind the camera for the 3-D sequel.

Bloody’s Evan Dickson was on hand at the panel (where one fan asked Michelle Rodriguez if she’d have sex with him) and afterwards had the pleasure of speaking with franchise star Milla Jovovich, who returns as the ass-kicking Alice.

In theaters September 14, “The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.

The interview can be found by reading on.

Bloody Disgusting: When I visited the set, it looked like the biggest film in the franchise yet. Is that how it’s cutting together?

Milla Jovovich: Definitely. I love the way it’s cutting together. It is the biggest film in the franchise yet. It’s one of the first Resident Evil films where I’ve had minimal notes to give. It just moves. That was something we really wanted in this movie. I didn’t want to see any lulls. I felt like the last movie had a bit of a lull.

BD: But you have to balance a lot of characters.

MJ: Paul and I were adamant that if you’re going to have to meet a new character, it’s on the move. It’s such cool stuff. And all the suburban house stuff is such a cool twist. It was great to see a different Alice.

BD: How was it coming back?

MJ: Incredible. It felt like coming home. It felt like a summer camp. And most of the crew has been there since Part 2. These guys really love the film.

BD: What are some of the biggest fights and stunts in this movie?

MJ: Actually the biggest new thing I did in this movie was to play a victim, which was really difficult. Of course we kicked it up a notch for the stunts and choreography too. But when I was actually playing the Alice that is getting chased by zombies with a child, all the screaming and running was brutal.

BD: We’re not seeing a lot of that yet in the trailers.

MJ: With Resident Evil you want to see me standing over a bunch of dead bodies! You get that but you get so much more. It’s a really interesting movie. It’s so abnormal.

BD: What are you guys showing today?

MJ: I’m not exactly sure what we’re showing. I know we’re showing some of the ice pack fight. And they’re showing some of the corridor of light stuff. We just did a really cool trailer that will come out in some places that is just the story of Alice and some of the incarnations of that. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Maybe they’ll show that today.

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