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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12 Interview] ‘Hatchet III’ Stars Kane Hodder and Zach Galligan



Dark Sky Films and creator Adam Green are once again heading back to the swamps with Hatchet III, this time around being directed by BJ McDonnell, and starring Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Derek Mears, Caroline Williams, Sean Whalen, Diane Goldner, Jason Trost, Zach Galligan, Cody Blue Snider and Rileah Vanderbilt.

Bloody Disgusting’s Evan Dickson is running around the convention like a madman and has sent in the following interview with star Kane Hodder, who plays the infamous Victor Crowley, as well as newcomer and Gremlins star Zach Galligan. Read it inside!

This time, “The story finds Harris hunting down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left Crowley’s ghost terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades. Mears will play a brooding, pompous SWAT team leader who is sent in to contain the carnage strewn about the haunted swamp. Williams will play a fast-talking journalist who fancies herself an expert on the legend of supernatural stalker Crowley.

Bloody Disgusting: I assume you guys are enemies in this movie?

Zach: Well, I’m the Sheriff so I have to investigate some killings.

Kane: That I had nothing to do with.

Zach: I guess you could assume that a swamp ghost and a sheriff would be pitted against each other.

BD: Zach, had you seen the first two Hatchet films?

Zach: I did not. I definitely did some research and liked what I saw. But you can’t really go on what the first two were, you go on what they’re planning to do next. Because it can turn into something great or it can turn into something not so great. You have to weigh it based on what’s in front of you. I particularly liked the dialogue, the way the dialogue was written. That and Adam’s participation were the determining factor.

BD: Kane, what’s different about your performance in this one?

Victor seems to be even more pissed off this time. The movie is even more violent than the last one if you can believe that.

BD: How many more kills are in this one?

What did they say?

BD: I didn’t have time to ask.

I can’t say exactly how many, but it’s a lot.

BD: I hear the shoot was brutal. What bugs were you bitten by in the swamp?

Zach: I think the easier answer is what weren’t we bitten by. We weren’t bitten by nutria or alligators, snakes or spiders. I was bitten by every conceivable slimy insect. Chiggers, mites. All of the sores at the end of the day.

Kane: I would wake up from a dead sleep scratching.

Zach: It was maddening. This was a nine [on the pain scale].

BD: Kane, you acted out of makeup for a portion of the last one. Does that happen again in Hatchet 3?

Kane: Thomas Crowley is in the movie. I can’t really go into any more than that.

BD: Zach, I imagine you’re pretty skeptical of Danielle’s character in this.

Zach: Well, if you were a police officer and a girl came in and said there was a giant ghost who was murdering giants of people, would you believe her? But once he goes in and investigates, he draws different conclusions. Which is vague enough to be maddening I know.

BD: Any favorite kills in the movie?

Kane: Well Adam wrote the script again so there are some insanely bloody kills that I’m not even sure how he dreamed up. I have a sick mind and even I was amazed.

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