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Indie ‘Hell Fire’ Brings the Gore!



Insane-O-Rama and director Marc Fratto (Last Rites of the Dead aka Zombies Anonymous) have resurfaced with an indie gore fest that is sure to please anyone with a thirst for blood. The film is called Hell Fire, and if you click beyond the break, you’ll get an eyeful of what can be expected with the trailer, one sheet, and six demonic stills!

The film centers on a group of prostitutes who turn to a violent home invasion for the sake of making a big cash score. Unbeknownst to them, one of their hostages is the son of the Devil himself, and all Hell is about to break loose…

Hell Fire should be hitting the horror film festival circuit for 2012/2013 with an inevitable DVD release to follow. Keep it here at Bloody for the forthcoming review, coming soon.


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