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Entrepreneur Wants To Transform 200 Acres Of Detroit Into Zombie Playground



You know what? Fuck Detroit. It’s no secret the city’s been slowly degrading into a crime-infested place where your chances of getting stabbed by a heroin addict’s used needle outside a Starbucks are uncomfortably high. The place is so far gone it made my list of the most terrifying places on Earth and that’s pretty impressive. Until now, I’ve never had a burning desire to visit the city, partly because of my fear of getting raped/murdered/mugged/shot/stabbed/sold on the underground sex market. Head past the break to read what some brilliant man plans to do with part of the city after the jump.

The project is Z-World Detroit, and it’s a very real concept developed by Mark Siwak. The idea is simple: the city already looks like a scene from 28 Days Later, so why not transform 200 abandoned acres into a zombie theme park? The park would make use of an area of the city that hasn’t seen any TLC for years and bring in extra cash from people like me who desperately want to live our geeky fantasies of surviving in a zombie apocalypse. Also, Detroit sucks, so it’s not like this is actually going to hurt anyone.

The project’s indiegogo page is still woefully underfunded, though I suppose with a little under three weeks left there’s still some hope. I am all for this, and I’m a little surprised more nerds aren’t dumping their money into it. Come on, people, this may very well be our last chance to save Detroit– home of… uh, tetanus shots and tweakers?

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