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Get These Amazing ‘Silent Hill’ Figures For That Special Horror Geek In Your Life



Toymunkey Studios was at Comic-Con last week to debut their new line of Silent Hill PVC statues that will release this December (read: Christmas gift) and as their $150 price tag would suggest, they each look pretty fantastic. The figures include a trio of nurses as well as the iconic Pyramid Head–in related news, I once had a dream where Pyramid Head replaced Bruce Campbell in one of those Old Spice commercials and he was just sitting on a recliner wearing a suede robe smoking a pipe, not giving a shit. Also, that’s totally untrue. I wish my dreams were that great, but for me they rarely stray from a naked me being chased through a purple forest by a horde of neon garden gnomes with Obama faces. You know, the usual. Oh yeah, Silent Hill statues. They’ll be 12″ tall, making them the perfect replacement for those hideous garden gnomes I see littered about people’s yards. Seriously, let’s get rid of those. Their stupid grins and wee beady eyes never fail to send shivers down my spine.

For more pictures of these beautiful statues, check them out here.

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