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How Does A ‘World War Z’ Video Game Sound? (Hint: It Sounds Great)



If you ever hear someone say the zombie genre is on its way out, you have my permission to punch them right in their stupid face. (Editor’s note: Bloody Disgusting does not condone violence of any kind, always be nice, violence is never the answer.) With two games based on The Walking Dead–that’s assuming you count Telltale’s series as a single game–Resident Evil 6, ZombiU, The Last of Us, Deadlight, Dead Island: Riptide, and no less than a bazillion others, the zombie hordes are more numerous than they’ve ever been. That’s great for people like me, because the more zombie games that are out there, the better our chances become of getting a truly stellar one. Competition is good for the consumer, and right now all I’d like to consume is more braaaaiiinnnnsss. Oh, and head past the jump for some World War Z goodness.

If you haven’t read Max Brooks’ mind-blowingly good novel, I highly suggest you do so. It’s sad, terrifying, occasionally disturbing, and consistently an excellent read. As the book nerds say, it’s a real page turner. Do people still say that? The Kindle and Nook might’ve killed that term off, but “it’s a real finger swiper” or “a real button presser” just doesn’t sound as fierce. Anyway, the film is struggling a little, but that should hopefully come out next summer. Thankfully, that’s not all that’s cooking, because we also now have the possibility of a World War Z video game. This news comes from a trademark filed by Paramount Pictures that covers downloadable electronic game program, electronic game software, and video game cartridges/discs.

I fully support this, but at this point this is in no way a confirmation that a game is in development. It wouldn’t surprise me if one were being developed, considering how successful the book was and how much money has been thrown at the film, but still, take this with a grain of salt. With that said, if this comes to fruition, what studio would you like to see develop a World War Z video game?

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