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[Fantasia ’12] Take A Trip Down ‘Toad Road’



Black Out Films and Random Bench Productions are excited to announce the world premiere of Toad Road at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal. The Fantasia Festival kicked off July 19th and continues on through August 7th in Montréal, Canada, with the Fantasia Film Market making its debut from July 26-29, 2012. Jason Banker directed and produced his first narrative feature, Toad Road, in collaboration with producers Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter. Toad Road displays a disturbing portrait of contemporary youth culture where the lines between perception and reality are blurred with often frightening results.

Inspired by an urban legend, Toad Road is an intimate meditation on lost youth evocative of Gus Van Sant (with a racy touch of Larry Clark) and a radical deconstruction of genre cinema, a devastating and brilliant object of contemplation and dread, and a journey down unexpected paths.

Inside we’ve added the trailer while below you’ll find the official festival poster and stills.