[Exclusive] Check Out The Chilling Madchild 'Devil's Reject' Video Premiere! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Check Out The Chilling Madchild ‘Devil’s Reject’ Video Premiere!



Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you the exclusive video premiere for “The Devil’s Reject”, the latest single from Madchild. The song comes from his upcoming album Dope Sick, which hits stores Aug. 28th via Suburban Noize Records (pre-order here). The video is essentially three parts: the first part shows Madchild and his obsession with a woman at his work. The second part shows his insanity and violence. The third part? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself, now won’t you?

Also below is an exclusive interview with Madchild. Check it all out below!

Bloody-Disgusting: What was the inspiration for this video?

Madchild: The idea was definitely inspired the movie Silence of the Lambs. I love that movie. I really wanted to have a twisted and demented visual to go along with fierceness of the song. But I also wanted it have a story line to it. I want to start making mini movies instead of your typical rap videos we always see, where it’s just a performance piece with girls and cars and tough guys… that shit is so played out to me. I’m tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, but I love Hip Hop and I love movies, so I thought why not try to start making my music videos more like a short bad ass movie? And with the brilliance of director David McDonald and the amazing production team DEEPLY SCARRED, they have made this concept become a reality for me!

BD: The song has a very strong “horror” aspect to it. What do you think makes hip-hop and horror go together?

Madchild: I think Hip Hop can fit with a lot of things, and I think that has been proven over the years. Hip Hop culture is here to stay, it isn’t going any where, and just the fact that it can mix with things like horror to comics to skateboarding shows just that. I think that style of beat and the mood of the rapper will definitely make the difference on whether a certain song will go with horror or not. I like reaching within for my lyrics, so instead of talking about night clubs and champagne, I might talk about dark inner feelings and real mental problems that I am going through. Some of the images that I draw with words could be portrayed as horrific or demented or disturbing. So when the right kind of lyricist steps up to the plate, that will set the mood for whether a track mixes with horror or not.

BD: I hear you’re a big fan of comics and you reference characters like the Punisher/Incredible Hulk, etc… in your songs. What are some of your favorites and why?

Madchild: Silver Surfer has always been my first favorite. I call myself Norin Rad sometimes in songs and the Silver surfer, but I also refer to myself as the Little Hulk, and THOR. I say things like “Iron Man on acid”, and make references to Juggernaut and X Men. I just love comic characters, always have. I only collect Silver Surfer comics, but I have a bunch of toys, from the original Spawn toys to original Star wars characters, to some of the cool Marvel and Japanese figures. I like The Punisher, The Death Dealer, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Juggernaut, Wolverine. My Rap partners favorite character is Spider Man. I love all the new Marvel movies being made. I also really liked The Watchmen. I know I’m missing a bunch of characters, but you get the idea.

BD: How do horror movies affect your lyrics and presentation?

Madchild: I get a lot of ideas from movies, so I’ll use references from Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kruger, House of 1,000 Corpses, and, of course, the title of this song, The Devil’s Rejects. Like I said, my lyrics are kind of like dark poetry and demented abstract expressionism at times. So I do draw inspiration from the characters in classic horror movies. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert on horror films but I very much enjoy them. My main alias is “LITTLE MONSTER”. I think the fact that I always refer myself to a monster helps explain that I think my music fits in well with this genre of movies.

BD: If you could be in any horror movie, what character would you want to portray?

Madchild: Freddy Krueger because I love the idea in sneaking into peoples dreams. Dreams are a lot like movies….where anything can happen.

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