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Cold Stream Is Coming To ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ This Friday



Well, color me surprised. I can’t remember the exact conversion rate, but I think whenever Valve says they’re giving us something in a set amount of time you’re supposed triple that time and hope for the best. This also carries over to announcements like we’ll have it to you “soon,” with “soon” meaning whenever you expect it plus at least a year. This makes the confirmation that Xbox 360 gamers will be getting the long anticipated Cold Stream DLC on Friday just a little bit surprising. The DLC will run you 560 MSP (that’s $7 in real monies) and it adds the new Cold Stream campaign as well as the rest of Left 4 Dead’s campaigns that will be fully playable with the sequel’s new weapons, items, and characters. In related news, Valve has finally gotten Left 4 Dead 2 to work on the Linux OS–but a Linux port isn’t surprising after all the smack talk Gabe Newell threw at Microsoft’s impending Windows 8 update.

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