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10 Comics To Feast On: August 8 2012



Comics To Feast On is finally back after a two-week break (sorry, I’ve been busy at Fantasia Film Festival). As the summer winds down, the publishers take a bit of a break before the big push in September. Regardless, there are great comics heading your way this week including John Arcudi’s Creep, Image’s newest issue of Hoax Hunters, the outrageously awesome Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, and more.

With the ever-increasing number of books coming out between the tie-ins, the crossovers, and the new series, we’ve all got to limit our reading list somehow. We present you with our ten most anticipated books of the week. So feast your eyes on these! Whether you’ve been into comics since you were a young’un, or you’re new to the game, we’re here to help you decide which books to pick up. If I’ve missed something you’re stoked about or if you’ve got any questions, list it in the comments.

Creep #0

WRITTEN BY: John Arcudi
ART BY: Jonathan Chace
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “A young boy puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The police don’t care. Not about his death or the death of his best friend two months earlier. The dead boy’s mom seeks help from an old flame that’s employed as a detective. What she doesn’t know is that he suffers from acromegaly-a physical deformity resulting in brutish facial features at mid-life. Will his freakish appearance get in the way of solving the case?”

The Feast: Arcudi resurrects “Creep” with a dark and depressing introductory tale. The series follows Oxel, and man born with a deformity who happens to be a private detective. The #0 issue collects the chapters told in the pages of “Dark Horse Presents”, paving the way for a soon-to-come miniseries. With art from Jonathan Chace, its a beautifully bleak book.

Grendel Omnibus: Hunter Rose Vol. 1

WRITTEN BY: Matt Wagner
ART BY: Tim Sale and Various
PRICE: $24.99

The Low Down: “Matt Wagner’s masterpiece celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with the first-ever comprehensive collection of the complete Grendel saga! The first of four volumes presenting the entire series and following the chronology of the stories, this edition introduces millionaire Hunter Rose and his alter ego, the criminal mastermind Grendel! Volume 1 reprints Grendel: Devil by the Deed; the short story collections Grendel: Black, White, & Red and Grendel: Red, White, & Black, featuring a host of legendary guest artists; and the epic Grendel: Behold the Devil.”

The Feast: Matt Wagner’s long running “Grendel” series is finally getting the omnibus treatment it deserves. This massive storyline is one of the most complete and complex looks at the noir genre, with one of the most revered villains of all time. For a mere 25 bucks, Volume #1 is a 600 page monster of pure awesomeness.

Thun’da #1

WRITTEN BY: Jim Zubkavich
ART BY: Andrew Huerta
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “The time is now. A Military helicopter crash lands in a remote valley in Africa. A lone survivor awakens with no memory of who he is or what he was doing there, but he’s wearing a uniform and is a skilled combatant. From the wreckage he learns only his name — ROGER DRUM. As he explores his new surroundings he is confronted by a bizarre lost world of dinosaurs and other strange creatures. Drum must learn to survive in this terrifying new reality while coming to terms with fragments of a past he isn’t sure he wants to remember.”

The Feast: Dynamite continues to amp up their lineup with another book revival. “Thun’da” follows Roger Drum as he wakes up in a strange land filled with wild beasts just waiting to rip him apart. With his combat skills, he’s got to fight to survive and figure out where the hell he is.

Godzilla: Half Century War #1 (of 5)

WRITTEN BY: James Stokoe
ART BY: James Stokoe
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Introducing a new and exciting look at Godzilla’s reign of destruction, courtesy of Orc Stain creator James Stokoe! The year is 1954 and Lieutnant Ota Murakami is on hand when Godzilla makes first landfall in Japan. Along with his pal Kentaro, Ota makes a desperate gamble to save lives… and in the process begins an obsession with the King of the Monsters that lasts fifty years! Don’t miss the first decade in a tale of a lifetime!”

The Feast: After the announcement of a new (American) Godzilla movie at San Diego Comic Con, the giant lizard is gaining popularity once again. It’s too bad most people don’t realize that “Godzilla” stories continue to be told monthly in comics, and they’re damn good. So if you are stoked about the new movie and you want your fill, James Stokoe’s highly anticipated “Half Century War” should be in your buy pile.

Hoax Hunters #2

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
ART BY: Alex Medellin
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “Danger awaits the Hoax Hunters at the mysterious carnival – a roaming band of cryptids with an agenda all their own. An old foe emerges, wielding a power the likes of which the Hoax Hunters have never seen. Not to mention an enormous, hideous monster.”

The Feast: All the hoaxes you could ever imagine are real, but society and social media cover them up. Moreci and Seeley are weaving a wonderfully original tale, taking an in depth look at how our culture deals with the paranormal. It’s only book #2, so you’d do best to hop on before this ship sets sail.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2

WRITTEN BY: Cullen Bunn
ART BY: Dalibor Talajic
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “The Merc with a Mouth takes another turn for the twisted as every Marvel hero is in his crosshairs.”

The Feast: I never really cared for Deadpool until this miniseries, but we absolutely loved issue #1 here at BD. It’s hilarious, smart, and gory as all hell. Who wouldn’t want to see the maniacally funny Merc with a Mouth tear apart their favorite Marvel heroes?

Venom #22

WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
ART BY: Declan Shalvey
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “The Savage Six took their shot — now Venom takes his! With his darkest secrets exposed to those he loves, Flash Thompson has one name on his hit list: Jack O’Lantern!”

The Feast: Rick Remender bids a final farewell to his “Venom” reboot. When he began his run, many fans were skeptical of a new mercenary version of Venom. But, Remender stuck with it to offer one of the best ongoings at Marvel over the past two years. It is only fitting to see him out properly, seeing as “Venom” has appeared on Comics To Feast On nearly every month. Thanks, Rick.

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3 (of 5)

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ART BY: Dustin Nguyen
PRICE: $2.99

The Low Down: “Felicia and Hobbes are on the trail of the most dangerous vampire of all time. As they close in on their prey, their pursuit takes them behind the Iron Curtain where they enlist a very different kind of vampire to help them on their crusade…”

The Feast: Snyder’s “American Vampire” is the best vampire book on the shelves right now. Heck, it’s probably one of the best vampire stories in the past decade, and the “Lord of Nightmares” miniseries is Snyder at his best.

Batman #12

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ART BY: Greg Capullo
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “It’s the epilogue to ‘The Court of Owls’! The next major storyline begins here!”

The Feast: Bats finally has things under control again in the Wayne Manor, but we all know that won’t last long. Snyder’s got something cooking, something brewing in a dirty, smoking, stinky cauldron for Bruce and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Artifacts Deluxe Hardcover

ART BY: Various
PUBLISHER: Image / Top Cow
PRICE: $109.99

The Low Down: “Individually, thirteen ancient and mystical Artifacts have guided mankind since the beginning of time. Now together, thirteen Artifacts will threaten to destroy everything when a mysterious antagonist known only as the Survivor orchestrates a grand symphony to draw the Artifact bearers together. Featuring virtually every character in the Top Cow Universe, including Witchblade, The Darkness, Angelus, Magdalena, Cyberforce, Hunter-Killer, and many more, this over-sized, slip-cased edition collects the entire ARTIFACTS series.”

The Feast: “Artifacts” fans, rejoice! This ultimate, hardcover, limited edition collection of Top Cow’s big event is finally here. Loaded with extra goodies, this volume collects issues #0 through #13 and includes a 24″ x 36″ poster to pin up on your geek-filled wall.