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No One Is As They Seem In Image’s New Cannibalistic FADE TO BLACK



I know it’s still very early on in the year, but with the announcements of so many new titles surfacing this past month, along with the news that AMC has green-lit a Frank Darabont directed “WALKING DEAD” pilot, I think it’s safe to say that this is the biggest year in horror comics in recent memory. And as if the news of said pilot wasn’t enough for literary gore-hounds everywhere, below you will find the preview of Image’s newest horror mini-series “FADE TO BLACK”. Read on for the skinny.

FADE TO BLACK, a new horror miniseries from Image Comics/Shadowline by ZOMBIE COP writer Jeff Mariotte and internationally acclaimed illustrator Danielle Serra, promises to take its readers on a winding, twisted trail in which first impressions are always wrong.

“The characters of FADE TO BLACK are actors, shooting a film on location. They’re young, wealthy, beautiful and spoiled, and everything they know about the wilderness comes from a script until they run into the Children of the Radiant Night, a cannibal cult using the desert for reasons of their own, and the script is out the window,” Mariotte said. “Danielle’s use of shape, line and light took the story down a darker and scarier path than I ever imagined when I wrote it. While there are moments of humor, when the suspense ratchets up, it’s really terrifying and it’s all thanks to Dani’s special vision.”

FADE TO BLACK is an object lesson in not accepting anything at face value. What at first appears to be five young people on a wilderness trek experience turns out to be something very different. On their own, with no specialized training or skills, our five heroes need to figure out how to survive… or not.

FADE TO BLACK #1, a 32-page full color comic with a cover price of $3.50, will be available for order in the January issue of Previews and goes on sale March 17th.

Not sure how to feel about this one yet. I’m not a huge fan of the “movie set massacre” type fad that has been going on lately. But Image has always delivered stellar stories in the past, so hopefully the very capable hands of Jeff Mariotte are enough to sway me. Thoughts?


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