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Pattinson and Hardwick Talk Scoring ‘Twilight’



Last week Bloody-Disgusting stringer Tammy Sutton say down with the cast and crew of Summit Entertainment’s Twilight, which arrives in theaters tomorrow at midnight. Beyond the break you can read all of the secrets behind the soundtrack of TWILIGHT from star Robert Pattinson and director Catherine Hardwicke.I think [star] Nikki Reed gave a CD of stuff I’d recorded on my computer to [director] Catherine [Hardwicke],” star Robert Pattinson tells B-D. The soundtrack features Pattinson on one of the lead tracks, “She put it into a cut [of the movie] and it kind of worked, so I agreed. I didn’t know it would end up being on the soundtrack. I wanted to put it under another name so it wouldn’t become distracting, which is has. I’m not trying to get a music career out of it or anything,” he jokes.

Catherine Hardwick was aware that the author Stephenie Meyer was a huge fan of the band Muse. She even dedicates one of the books to them.

We were so lucky to get Muse on the soundtrack, I put myself on tape and tried a zillion times to reach those guys,” Hardwicke explains. “I really wanted them to be apart of this.

Luckily, Muse would eventually agree to be a part of the soundtrack, which is currently at number 1 on the billboard charts. The rest of the music in the film proved to be a much more difficult task.

The music supervisor would send CD after CD with up to 50 songs on them. We’d try every song with the picture, and a lot of times music just does not work,” she continues, “if the lyrics start cutting through too much then you miss the dialog. For every song in the movie we probably tried 50-60 songs played to the picture until you get one that works.

The Iron and Wine song that’s played at the prom, was suggested by Kristen [Stewart]. During rehearsals we play music, and as soon as we put it on and Rob and Kristen started dancing, we thought it was a cool song, but it’s very rare that a song you use during rehearsal makes it all the way through and still works with the picture.

You can read more about TWILIGHT here as Hardwicke talks about how the film almost didn’t happen!


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