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Trailer for MTV’s Online Series ‘Savage County’



With the success of My Super Psycho Sweet 16, MTV is already moving on a new made-for-online horror film. David Harris’ Savage County follows a group of small town Texas high school kids who play a prank that accidentally kills an old man, they’re hunted down by the man’s family of murderous hillbillies. Beyond the break you’ll find the first trailer, alongside a long synopsis.On the last weekend before prom, a mismatched group of high school kids heads to a remote pond to drink beer and hang out. When the beer runs dry, the conversation turns to daring Patrick, the runt of the group, into knocking on the door of the Hardells – the reclusive family that owns the land the pond is on. Patrick takes up the dare, knocks on the Hardells’ door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun. When Patrick’s friends come to his defense, the oldest Hardell is killed in the shuffle. Scared and guilty – the teens flee the crime. When the rest of the Hardell clan finds the old man murdered, they seek out vengeance. One-by-one, the teens are hunted down by Orry, the sexually oppressed mute, Willard, the long-haired wildman, and Kasper, the cold-blooded family leader.

Trailer debut over at Aint it Cool News:

Savage County Teaser Trailer from Savage County on Vimeo.


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