A New 'Paranormal Activity 2' Viral Finds Its Way Online, But It's NOT a Video - Bloody Disgusting
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A New ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Viral Finds Its Way Online, But It’s NOT a Video



If you’ve been keeping up with the news you’ll know about the 6 viral videos Paramount Pictures slipped across the Nation for Paranormal Activity 2. One constant in all of the said articles was a return address, 40 University Dr, Rindge, NH 03461 — Franklin Pierce University. We just discovered that an official website now exists for the University newspaper known as the “Pierce Arrow”, which also links out to the University’s own website that featured an article on PA 2, and how there’s a connection to their campus. What is the connection you ask? Start taking some guesses below and find the answers in theaters on October 22.


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