[Concert Review] Linkin Park & Incubus At The 2012 Honda Civic Tour - Bloody Disgusting
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[Concert Review] Linkin Park & Incubus At The 2012 Honda Civic Tour



Last week, Aural Pleasures co-host Bill Frye and myself went to the Palace of Auburn Hills to check out the 2012 Honda Civic Tour. While we missed opening act Mutemath, we caught headliners Linkin Park and Incubus and we wanted to share our thoughts with you! But rather than write a generic concert review, we decided to record our post-concert conversation to get the most amount of authenticity with everything still completely fresh in our minds. Check it out below

Jonathan: Alright, let’s talk about this concert. Let’s start with Incubus.

Bill: I think they’re good. I think they sounded good.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Bill: I just didn’t like their setlist.

Jonathan: Yeah, their setlist was poo poo.

Bill: It was…like…boring. Their set was kinda cool. I liked their rugs. [laughs]

Jonathan: Oh, you mean the actual stage design?

Bill: [Laughs] Yeah! I was kinda feeling the rugs.

Jonathan: Well, it looked like how it sounded. I mean, it was very chill. They had rugs, he [Mike Einziger] pulled out that Chinese instrument and I was thinking, “Man, a little bit of incense, some stoned hippie girls…there ya go.”

Bill: [Laughs] It wasn’t bad though I wish they would’ve played some of their harder stuff. But they played some good ones.

Jonathan: Yeah, it’s just that there was no energy. Even them on stage didn’t seem like they were terribly energetic.

Bill: Yeah. They weren’t bad though.

Jonathan: Yeah. It sounded good.

Bill: Their singer sounded good. Their drummer was awesome.

Jonathan: Yup. Although why was he [drummer Jose Pasillas] facing into the stage? He wasn’t facing the crowd. It was just kinda weird because I was staring at his back and I was thinking that I wanted to see him play, not his back. But can we take a moment to appreciate the bassist [Ben Kenney]?

Bill: [Laughs] That was my favorite part of the entire night!

Jonathan: [Laughs]

Bill: The bass player from Incubus was funny.

Jonathan: He was vibing. He had soul.

Bill: It looked like he was a noodle holding a guitar because he was just like [Bill starts gyrating slowly]

Jonathan: He had this thing where he did the shoulders, the back, the ass, repeat.

Bill: So yeah, there’s not really all that much else to say about Incubus.

Jonathan: There really isn’t.

Bill: It was just kind of…It upset me because I really wanted to see them, and I’m glad I did, but I’d like to see them on their own thing.

Jonathan: My worry is that on their own…it just doesn’t make sense! Here, they’re playing with Linkin Park, which is a heavier band. Yeah, they do a lot of melodic stuff but, in general, they are very high energy and they picked a really chill set! Why didn’t they pick a somewhat more energetic set?

Bill: That’s a question that few can answer, my friend.

Jonathan: It doesn’t make sense for them to say, “Well, Linkin Park is playing a heavier set so we wanted to do something mellow.” You’re playing a live f*cking show! The whole point is to amp up the crowd and get them psyched and get them enjoying it. It’s NOT to go, “Yeah, we uhhh….Honestly? We’re just really stoned.”

Bill: [Laughs] Well like, what I didn’t understand is that every time they’d play a high energy song they’d immediately kill the energy.

Jonathan: Yeah!

Bill: They’d play “Megalomaniac” and they just went to [makes energy-killed sound].

Jonathan: And how about whatever song they ended on?

Bill: Yeah, it’s called “Aqueous Transmission”. [Laughs] It’s really…it’s really…Yeah, it’s bad.

Jonathan: I wouldn’t call it depressing but just incredibly mellow.

Bill: It was mellow to the point that I didn’t pay attention to it.

Jonathan: Yeah. It kinda all bled into one droning noise.

Bill: So yeah, I didn’t hate it overall but it was kinda ehhh. Technically they were great, they were just boring.

Jonathan: Totally agree. Okay, Linkin Park!

Bill: I thought they were awesome!

Jonathan: Yeah, this was a very good show.

Bill: They came out swinging. They had, like, five high-energy songs. And they only really had like one or two low-energy songs.

Jonathan: And they placed them just right. It broke up the high-energy enough so that people could catch their breath.

Bill: Yeah. They were awesome. I’m really surprised because they’re supporting a new album [Living Things] and they hardly played any of the new album.

Jonathan: They played, what, three songs?

Bill: Yeah. They played “Victimized”, “Burn It Down”, and “Lost In The Echo”. That’s it. So, I mean, they played…I think both of them played for 90 minutes.

Jonathan: Really?! It felt like Incubus was much shorter.

Bill: Incubus definitely played for over an hour. Maybe an hour and fifteen. Linkin Park was definitely ninety minutes.

Jonathan: What I loved about Linkin Park’s whole deal was how they built up the set. Like, the actual stage. New things happened every few songs. It was only three quarters through the set before we got the pillars of flame and the raining sparks.

Bill: That was different for them. Last time we saw them they didn’t have all that.

Jonathan: Yeah. And then all the lighting. New lights happened every few songs. It was very cool. And they have a very futuristic look about them, like with the video screen.

Bill: The video screen actually reminded me of Tool!

Jonathan: Some parts, some parts I can see that.

Bill: They had some really weird stuff on there. It was very cool and kinda creepy.

Jonathan: It was much more jagged. Tool is very organic and this was much more computerized.

Bill: But yeah, it was nice. It was a fun show.

Jonathan: I did like the variety of songs Linkin Park picked over their discography.

Bill: Yes. It’s weird hearing songs from Hybrid Theory and realizing that was, like, 12 years ago or 11 years ago or whatever it was.

Jonathan: I was a junior or senior in high school, so it was 2000? 2001? But as a whole, I’d say Linkin Park rocked it.

Bill: Linkin Park was awesome and Incubus was mediocre [laughs].

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