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‘BioShock’ Recreated On The CryEngine 3 Looks Stunning



Before today, had someone told me Bioshock, which released in 2007, could use a remake, I would’ve disagreed and promptly slapped them across their blasphemous face. Now, after seeing a few screenshots from a side project by Scott Homer, I think I’d hesitate before I started the face-slapping. Homer is an environment artist at Crytek UK who’s been working on recreating Bioshock in the CryEngine 3 — the same engine that will be powering the upcoming Crysis 3 — and hot damn does it look good. The original game used a heavily modified Unreal Engine 2.5, and it was gorgeous for its time (it still looks good), but now, I have an itch to return to an even more beautiful Rapture. At the very least, this makes me excited for the inevitable remake, even though we’ll have to wait a very long time to see that happen. Check out some beautiful screenshots after the jump!

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