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‘Paranormal Movie’ With Kevin Farley? Not So Sure About This One…



Kevin Farley directed and stars in Paranormal Movie. Other cast members include Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Carly Craig, William Katt, Nicky Whelan and Maria Menunos. Per Screen Daily, Edward Noeltner’s Cinema Management Group has commenced talks with Toronto buyers. The film was written by Lisa Baget.

I’d like you to consider this quote from Kevin Farley, “I learned a lot from ‘An American Carol’. The one thing I know is that parody is good if it’s done right. Having done this type of film with David, it’s amazing to learn from the best and then make your own, and this film is homage to the Zucker Brothers style.

You must understand that An American Carol is one of the least funny movies ever made, so anything he learned on that set is bound not to help. I haven’t seen Paranormal Movie, but I’m fairly convinced it’s just a bunch of fart jokes rolled into a shaky-cam. I pray to the heavens above that Brad reviews this and not me.

Think I’m joking? Head inside for a (tiny) look at the poster. That’s the kind of humor we might be talking here.