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Review: ‘Debris’ #3



With only one more issue ready for release next month, Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo’s Debris #3 perfectly sets the stage for the epic finale to this well-written, and beautifully illustrated, junk-punk series. Following the last installment, Maiden outcast, Kessel, joins Maya in her quest to find the legendary water source located in Athabasca, in hopes of saving the last human tribe on earth. As the story progresses, however, it becomes abundantly clear that Maya and the rest of her tribe aren’t the only humans left in this post-apocalyptic world.

WRITTEN BY: Kurtis J. Wiebe
ART BY: Riley Rossmo
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: September 26th

Opening with a flashback into our Protector’s past, issue #3 shows an adolescent Maya being trained by her fallen mentor, Calista. Even as a young child, Wiebe demonstrates Maya’s fearlessness and drive through Rossmo’s fantastic illustrations of her in battle. After rashly jumping onto the back of colossal twice her size because she fears for Calista’s life, her mentor chides her and relays some words of wisdom which provide a dramatic segue from past to present. When it seems like all hope is gone, “…Fight until your last breath.”

Just five words, yet it’s clear that they play a huge role in shaping who Maya is as a person, and as a warrior. When she’s close to losing a battle between herself and a giant colossal, she defeats the monster by utilizing her supply of water as a weapon. The water, of course, has the same effect on this one as it had on Jormungand in issue #1 (it cures the spirit within the machine). It’s becoming more and more evident that the water Maya is in search of is not only needed for the survival of her people, but for the destruction of the colossals endangering her dwindling tribe.

What follows in this issue is more intriguing background stories of her village, her people, and the elders council’s reasons for casting Kessel out. Moreover, further explorations of Athabasca lead to an exciting cliffhanger in the last panel where it’s realized that Maya’s tribe may, or may not, be the only human survivors left on the planet!

From panel to panel, Rossmo’s art is unsurprisingly superb; particularly regarding the colossals and action scenes littering the majority of the pages. Even his approach to linework and detail seems to have improved. But what’s truly impressive in issue #3 is Owen Gieni’s colouring scheme. He’s definitely the star of this issue. His vibrant take on Wiebe’s post-apocalyptic world is a significant reason why “Debris” is such visually alluring comic. I can only begin imagine what Wiebe, Rossmo, and Co. have in-store for the finale.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – ShadowJayd