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‘Amphibious: Creature Of The Deep’ Secures VOD Release



Love them or loathe them, creature features are big news on the indie-horror scene with a constant slate of beastly showdowns that is no doubt putting a smile on the face of B-movie god Roger Corman. The bigger and more bizarre the better; horror fans keep coming back for more monster mayhem. The latest offering, Amphibious: Creature of the Deep, comes from San Fu Maltha; producer of this years cult hit Iron Sky and has been helmed by Brian Yuzna (Beyond Re-animator, Return of the Living Dead 3).

The film “tells the tale of a marine biologist, Skylar Shane (Fassaert), who hires an expat charter boat captain, Jack Bowman (Paré), to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the north Sumatran Sea. After she takes in an orphaned boy (Solaiman), strange occurrences happen on board the ship, including the death of some local smugglers by an unknown entity. Skylar and Jack then have to band together to defeat the evil creature that has emerged from the deep.

Head inside for the trailer!

If you like your B-movies bonkers and can’t get enough of murderous make-believe monstrosities then this movie could well hit all the right spots. The cast includes Michael Pare, Janna Fassaert and Verdi Solaiman and the film will be released via Freestyle Digital Media across a range of digital platforms on October 9th.


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