Here's What The 'Prometheus' Chestburster Was Supposed To Look Like! - Bloody Disgusting
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Here’s What The ‘Prometheus’ Chestburster Was Supposed To Look Like!



Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, his quasi Alien prequel, hit Blu-ray and DVD recently both in the UK and in the States. It apparently features some killer documentaries about the film’s development process from being a straight Alien prequel to its more heady end result.

About a week ago we provided you with a rundown of what original writer Jon Spaihts’ draft might have looked like had Ridley Scott put it up onscreen. And now we have a visual rendering of what a chestburster might have looked like in the film via a piece of concept art. If you’ll remember from last week’s article, the chestbursting was intended to occur during a sex scene between Shaw and Holloway. So be prepared for some male naughty bits.

Head inside for a more complete rendering of the Prometheus chestburster!! Warning – the image is a bit NSFW.