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10 Things I Learned From The ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer… 55 Screen Grab Images!!



FilmDistrict has read the incantation and resurrected the official trailer premiere for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, which opens in theaters April 12, 2013!

It’s been an interesting few weeks here on Bloody Disgusting. Since the first image hit, and the trailer leaked out of the New York Comic-Con, we’ve been extremely excited. Unfortunately, not all of you agree. The word “remake” stings quite a bit, especially when you’re talking about Sam Raimi’s cult 1981 The Evil Dead. It definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this film was obviously made for us. With Paramount releasing ultra-safe horror like Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside, Sony and FilmDistrict are venturing into new territory. From my perspective, they’re dipping their toes into the waters of “dangerous” cinema. Most of us will be in theaters April 12, but will the rest of the country? Evil Dead looks absolutely, fantastically brutal. And that’s cause for some celebration.

Ok, enough filibustering. After watching the first red band trailer, I not only took 55 screen grabs for you guys to dig through (HD grabs forthcoming), but I quickly dissected them into 10 things I learned from the Evil Dead trailer. You’ll find it all inside.

1: Elizabeth Blackmore lops off her arm, giving homage to Ash’s (Bruce Campbell) self inflicted injury in Evil Dead 2.

2: An unknown person or persons had previously read from the Book of the Dead, and penned warnings inside. Lou Taylor Pucci reads the incantations and unleashes the evil.

3: Another homage to Raimi’s original trilogy comes when Shiloh Fernandez uses a chainsaw.

4: Echoing Cheryl’s (Ellen Sandweiss) horrific The Evil Dead experience, Jane Levy also gets raped by a demonic tree.

5: These demons are self-mutilating masochists.

6: Instead of a collapsed bridge, a massive flood traps the group.

7: Alvaraz shows some love for Raimi’s original by utilizing his “motorcycle” shots through the woods.

8: The infamous cabin looks like the same cabin from the original.

9: Evil Dead looks a tad bit like Platinum Dunes’ Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Concerning? Maybe.

10: Lastly, I’m shocked this reboot will receive an R-rating. It looks astoundingly grotesque and violent (thumbs up!).

And with that I present to you 55 screen grabs that’ll give you a better look inside the trailer. Watch for an HD version tomorrow.

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