[AFM '12] Deals: Zombie Polar Bears In 'Cold Patrol,' Meet The Headless 'Chopper', and More! - Bloody Disgusting
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[AFM ’12] Deals: Zombie Polar Bears In ‘Cold Patrol,’ Meet The Headless ‘Chopper’, and More!



Marketing and branded entertainment company Dilemma plans to move into movies with a feature film adaptation of Martin Shapiro‘s horror comic Chopper, Variety reports. Company founder and producer J.C. Christofilis has optioned a script from Shapiro for a project described as a modern spin on the “Sleepy Hollow” mythology, with storylines revolving around a headless outlaw biker seeking vengeance in the afterlife. The feature was first announced at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

They also report that Resolution Independent is headed for the Arctic, producing action-adventure movie Cold Patrol with Nikolai Pigarev directing. Cold Patrol, penned by Christopher Webster, “Follows an elite military dog sled team uncovering a plot to release a dangerous new organism — while fending off zombie polar bears.Resolution topper Pete Ford is producing Cold Patrol with shooting starting next spring in the Baltic portion of the Arctic Circle at several Soviet era towns and military bases.

UK distributor Metrodome – through subsidiary Cinedome – is the latest UK outfit to set up a low budget genre slate. Metrodome will be co-producing between 4-5 features a year from 2013 with full or part funding for projects through the company’s EIS partnership. Among the development projects is Whitaker, a contemporary take on “Frankenstein,” produced by Kill List, Sightseers and Freakshift producers Rook Films. Screen Daily reports.

The first on the slate is horror The Borderlands, “About a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of sinister events at a remote church.” Currently in post-production, Salt will be selling at the AFM. UK release is set for mid 2013. Regular Ben Wheatley collaborator Robin Hill stars, with Jennifer Handorf producing.

Slayer is a supernatural thriller based in Roman Britain, produced by Outpost‘s Black Camel and directed by Sam Walker. The Monsters is a thriller set against football hooliganism.


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