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10 Overpowered And Ridiculous Video Game Weapons



Sometimes, when playing a game, I have to sit back and scratch my head because I suddenly realize that my weapon is not only absurdly overpowered, but is also a little bit on the ridiculous side. Like, laugh out loud ridiculous. Like, laugh out loud, point at the screen, call my pals and dish ridiculous. So I gathered some of my favorites and compiled a list of my 10 Overpowered And Ridiculous Video Game Weapons for all of you. Check it out below and let me know if I forgot any!

Boots (Dead Space, Silent Hill 2)
What do space engineer Isaac Clarke and guilt-ridden everyday man James Sunderland have in common? Their size 12 boots (they shoe shop together) can end the life of nearly any creature you throw at them. Seriously, once an enemy is downed, simply walk up to them and stomp their last breath right out of their lungs.
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Laurels (Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest)
Wanna know how to beat Dracula? Just drop laurel after laurel where he stands and watch that sonuvabitch burn. But think about that for a second. A leaf just killed the king of vampires. A fucking leaf.
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Fists (Saw)
If you’ve ever played the Saw video game, you’ll quickly realize that every single weapon in the game sucks compared to David Tapp’s fists. A nail-studded bat is weaker than his fists. No joke. The only point in using weapons to to get the achievements for them. If you don’t care about those, simply never pick up a weapon. You’ll beat the game in far less time.
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Camera (the Fatal Frame series)
If the Ghostbusters could learn anything, it’d be how a Japanese girl managed to use an ancient camera to capture the most terrifying, hostile, violent ghosts imaginable! Igon, get to work on that!
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Jacks (American McGee’s Alice)
Sure, you could simply throw a handful of spike-studded jacks into an enemy and they’d do their damage before limply falling onto the ground. OR, and the far more sadistic way of doing things, was releasing them into the air, allowing them to stab an enemy over and over, like a twisted swarm of bees.
Bounce the ball once, bounce the ball twice, watch those jacks goes slice, slice, SLICE!
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Bananas (the Worms series)
Not the actual fruit, no. What I’m talking about here are the banana grenades from the Worms series. When you saw that curved yellow piece of produce heading your way, all you could do was coer your eyes and weep gently. Not only did that banana explode, causing horrible fire and shrapnel damage to your body, it also released several other smaller grenades that destroyed the very ground underneath your foot. After plummeting multiple stories (keeping the size respective, of course), your character looked at the screen, waved goodbye, and detonated himself, leaving only a tombstone to memorialize his passing.
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana DEATH!
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Concrete (Mega Man 9)
So there you are in your blue suit with your Mega Buster, going through a bunch of stages and defeating horrible robot bosses. Oh look! You just killed one and got his power of…concrete? Are you freakin’ kidding me??? What the hell am I supposed to do with this soupy, gunky mixture?
Wait, what? It totally whoops Dr. Wily’s ass? Like, completely destroys him? Uh, thanks concrete?
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Signposts (Minecraft)
Once Minecraft introduced experience and enchanting into the game, players found themselves capable of getting unbelievable perks for their tools, armor, and weapons.
But some people thought that wasn’t enough and found a way to enchant signposts. And they can be absurdly powerful. How powerful you ask? Well, you hit a skeleton and it flies back about 100 feet. THAT kind of powerful.
My enchanted sign says, “If you can read this, I haven’t hit you yet.”
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Star (the Super Mario series)
Not the kind in the endless universe. Nope, we’re looking at a cute, personified star that has two eyes and bounces willy nilly upon the ground once you pound it out of a box. The second you touch it, you become an invincible locomotive of pure destruction. Everything living that you touch immediately dies, perishing painfully from your touch.
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Kirby (the Kirby series)
Yes, I’m putting a character here. You see, Kirby is one of the ultimate ridiculous AND ridiculousLY overpowered weapons in gaming history. Why? Because you literally eat everything in your path!! How twisted and horrible is that??? And if you can’t eat something, you eat something else and then spit the starry remains at your bigger foe. Kirby, you are the most demented, vile pink ball of fluff I’ve ever seen.
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Bonus: Foam Finger (Dead Space 2)
The ultimate ridiculous overpowered weapon, Isaac Clarke actually says, “Pew pew!” whilst shooting it. Now, the reason that this is a bonus addition to the list is because it’s just so damn obvious. I wanted to go with things that were a little more…odd? But this is so entertaining that I couldn’t leave it off.

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