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Lovecraft Fans Rejoice! Del Toro’s ‘Insane’ Has Been Picked Up By A New Developer



Oh good, I was getting worried. Acclaimed director and crafter of all things fantastical Guillermo Del Toro’s action/horror trilogy Insane has been picked up by a new developer after THQ dropped it in an attempt to alleviate their increasing financial woes. That’s wasn’t good news, especially since Saints Row dev Volition was the studio that would’ve brought that potentially beautiful game to life. Thankfully, Del Toro didn’t give up on the idea and immediately went out to pitch it to new developers. Apparently, the first studio he pitched it to said yes. Now, we don’t know which developer has taken the reigns of this Lovecraftian IP, but I really, really hope it’s been placed in good hands.

At the very least, this means we’ll finally see what Del Toro can do in the Cthulhu mythos, after his Mountains of Madness adaptation was put on hold (indefinitely). The bad news: the game won’t be out until 2015 at the earliest, but that also guarantees it’ll be coming to next gen consoles. Let’s celebrate this good news by chatting about what studio we’d like to see develop the game in the comments below.

I’ve said it before that I’d love to see what Dead Space dev Visceral Games could do with this type of game (full disclosure: I’m currently doing contract work for Visceral on Dead Space 3), but I’d also be very interested in a Monolith (F.E.A.R., Condemned) developed game set in the Cthulhu universe, or even one by Frictional (Amnesia: The Dark Descent). What about you?

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