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10 Moments In Songs That I Just Love



We all have those moments in songs that just speak to us. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s that part of the song that you’re blasting in the car with a several of your friends and you make them all shut up so you can share that one special moment with them. Usually, it ends up with everyone staring at you, wondering what the hell you’re so excited about.

You know what? Screw ’em. You know what’s so special. You know what’s going on. And you’re gonna scroll back to hear that part again, whether they like it or not.

So, join me below as I share 10 Moments In Songs That I Just Love!

Note: The times I used were off my iTunes files, not the videos below.

1. Metallica – “Battery”: Drum Fill @ 3:59

Metallica is well known for Kirk’s blistering guitar solos and James’s punishing rhythm technique, not to mention his fantastic lyrics. But one member that keeps getting hatred tossed his way is drummer Lars Ulrich. Know what I think? I actually think he’s a great drummer. While he might not do incredibly flashy fills or off-tempo licks, he plays exactly what is needed to make each Metallica song incredibly infectious and headband worthy.
But in the Master Of Puppets track “Battery”, Lars shines, busting out one badass drum fill after another and putting forth blisteringly fast thrash beats. And my favorite part of the song is the drum fill that comes in after Kirk’s solo. I just can’t get enough of the fact that the first half of that fill has double bass blast beats that suddenly drop out to a snappy snare pattern. Something about that fill never gets old for me.

2. Leprous – “Mediocrity Wins”: Bass line @ 1:11

If I haven’t let you know about my love for Leprous enough yet, let me say once more: This band kicks my ass all over the place. I still blast Bilateral all the time and each listen adds something new that I haven’t heard before.
But one thing that I noticed the first time I played the album (and have loved ever since) is the funk bass line during “Mediocrity Wins”. It was so unexpected and so out there and yet it fits perfectly. Each time I hear it, my head starts bobbing along and I get this expression on my face that basically screams, “Damn, this is SICK!”

3. White Willow – “Hawks Circle”: Synth interlude @ 3:34

White Willow‘s Terminal Twilight is another album that I simply can’t get enough of. It’s full of fantastic 70’s synth prog goodness that often times reminds me of classic and terrifying horror scores.
Perhaps the moment that reminds of that the most is the synth interlude during “Hawks Circle”. Something about it is incredibly eerie yet hauntingly beautiful. Each time I hear it, my heart aches.

4. The Cure – “Lullaby”: Synth strings @ 3:03

I will never be ashamed of my love of 80’s music. And what better band to use as an example than The Cure and “Lullaby” from their legendary album Disintegration? My personal favorite moment are those synth strings that come in during the outro and remain until the song comes to a sharp close. Something about the pattern of the progression just gets me every time.

5. Karnivool – “Set Fire To The Hive”: Floor tom hits @ 1:11 (good one at 1:26)

This is another example of a part of the song that just gets me so pumped up that I want to start a mosh pit. The drums are straightforward and rhythmic, something that makes the verse a true headbanger. But the thunderous tom slams that are sprinkled throughout are what drive me crazy.

6. Deftones – “Digital Bath”: Digital raindrops @ 2:35

This song may very well be my favorite Deftones song. Something about it is so mysterious, so fierce, so desperate, and, oddly enough, so sexual. But those digital droplets that come before the final chorus are what seal the deal for me.

7. Lamb Of God – “King Me”: Extended scream @ 5:23

The first few times I heard “King Me”, I wanted more from the symphonic elements that Lamb Of God had brought it. But with each subsequent listen, the song became more and more powerful and epic. And Randy Blythe’s extended scream of “King me is killing me!” at the end sends shivers up and down my spine every time I hear it. It’s a frustrated, desperate plea that shocks and awes.

8. Pain Of Salvation – “Reconciliation”: Final soaring call @ 3:35

Pain Of Salvation is not an easy group to get into. I’ll admit, I still have trouble listening to some of their songs. It’s not that they’re beyond me, it’s just that I have to be in a very specific mood to enjoy them.
But “Reconciliation” is a song that I can listen to at damn near any time. In the space of just over four minutes, the song sweeps from heavy prog attacks to gentle, beautiful passages. But it’s Daniel Gildenlow that takes the cake in this song with his amazing, one breath call at the end. Seriously, if anyone tells you that there are no good singers in metal, just play them this track. Then, smack them.
Note: Bloody-Disgusting does not condone acts of violence.

9. Porcupine Tree – “Trains”: “La la la” segment @ 2:56

I blind bought In Absentia one day at my local MediaPlay (remember those?) simply because I loved the cover. Little did I know that I had just bought what would become one of my favorite albums of all time. While the first track, “Blackest Eyes”, didn’t really do anything for me at first, the second track “Trains” blew me away. It was one of those life-changing moments that we experience every great once in a while that we never forget.
On top of being a fantastic song, I credit the “La la la” segment towards the middle of the song as the first time that I really appreciated vocal harmonies, something I now absolutely adore. Each time I hear it, I am taken back 10 years ago to the day that I bought the album and ended up changing my view on music.

10. Opeth – “The Moor”: Multi-layered scream @ 3:27

If ever there were a more horrifying and devastating way to start the vocals in a song, please tell me of it. You see, Mikael Akerfeldt already has a terrifying death metal growl. When a legion of his growls are thrown at the listener, you are legitimately allowed to soil your underwear. Don’t worry, I did the first I heard it too.

Alright readers, those are 10 moments that I simply love and wanted to share with you. What are some of your favorite moments?

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