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[Remember This?] “Werewolf” The TV Series!!!



“The Walking Dead”, “Dexter”, “American Horror Story”, “True Blood”. Horror is almost more popular on TV these days than it is in cinemas. There’s something about the small screen that seems to “legitimize” the genre for casual viewers. Maybe it’s an ingrained expectation that television’s historically strict standards and practices will save them from the nasty bits (which is of course no longer true in the days of HBO and AMC), or perhaps it’s just the simple equation that smaller screen = less scary.

My mom had to be a subscriber to at least one of these theories because she let me watch “Werewolf” at an exceedingly young age. I can even remember her enabling my efforts to get from where I was to where I needed to be to watch it. I had to see it. The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I was sort of bored by it – I only really remember getting excited when the wolf was onscreen, which wasn’t very often. But I was so addled by my love of An American Werewolf In London that, if it had werewolves in it, I was glued to the screen.

The show ran for 28 episodes on Fox from 1987-1988. I was too young to retain any real specifics, but the internet tells me that it was similar to “The Fugitive” in structure – so it has that going for it! If nothing else, the werewolf design is actually decent.

Head inside to check out a few teasers!!

A bumper from its USA Syndication.

The teaser.

And I think the below clip is the very opening of the pilot.