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An Early Look At Nacho Vigalondo’s ‘Open Windows’



Production is currently wrapped on Extraterrestrial and Time Crimes director Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows, an innovative, high-tech suspense thriller unfolding on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet.

Starring Elijah Wood (Maniac) and Sasha Grey, pictured, the plot revolves around a desperate search by Wood’s character for an actress, played by The Girlfriend Experience‘s Sasha Grey, who has been abducted by vicious villain Chord, played by British actor Neil Maskell.

Twitch caught wind of a couple of reports that have appeared on Spanish television, including some brief snippets of the film, and of the screen that Vigalondo has created for the story. While most of the report is in Spanish, there are brief interviews in English with Wood and Grey.

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