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[BD Review] Brad Is Mixed On ‘Mama’



Universal releases Mama, the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror thriller about a group of feral children raised by something sinister, today, January 18th. Brad (Mr. Disgusting) saw a lot to like in the film, but ultimately couldn’t make it past the film’s extreme overuse of CGI and some muddled character development.

We see Mama way too much, there are too many effects shots in general, and for whatever reason Muschietti felt the need to have Mama performing acrobatics like bending backwards off walls and twisting into inordinate shapes. Some of the most haunting and jump out of your seat scary moments are subtle and quick, not long winded and showy… The most disappointing aspect of Mama is that the original idea is fantastic, and some of the scares are out of this world effective. But ultimately poor writing, editorial and effects decisions transform it into a long winded, almost faux horror movie.

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