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[TV] “Zombieland” Back To Being A TV Series!



I feel like most people know that Zombieland started life as a TV series (though they never got as far as filming a pilot) and now it appears, rather concretely, as if they’re trying to go that route again. This is hot on the heels of the original film’s director Ruben Fleischer stating that there was no script for (and no immediate plans to make) the sequel.

Per io9, casting sheets went out yesterday for the series. The series looks like it will be a half-hour one and the character descriptions are similar to how they appeared in the film. Columbus and Wichita are still together, Wichita is still looking after Little Rock, Tallahassee is still a wild card etc… and there are two new characters (who hopefully are only in the one episode), “Fred and Ainsley are two office workers at the start of the zombie apocalypse, obliviously complaining about problems with their iPhones and getting the wrong order at Starbucks, which they admit are “first world problems” with a hashtag — while people are being disembowled just outside the window they’re not facing

While the original show was slated to air on CBS, there’s no concrete word on what network this current incarnation is targeting (or if its already been ordered by one). Head to io9 for more!


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