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Capcom Continues Support Of ‘Resident Evil 6’ With Second Title Update, Coming Jan 22



Whether or not you enjoyed Resident Evil 6 (I liked it a lot) there’s no denying that Capcom is doing a fantastic job supporting the game. First, they gave Ada a co-op partner, a tweaked camera, and a No Hope difficulty setting, and in less than a week, a second update will bring with it even more features. On January 22, Agent Hunt mode will be unlocked for everyone and QTE assist will be added for all difficulties (thank you). More after the jump.

Here’s a full list of what Title Update 2 offers:

Agent Hunt mode
-Now available without completing the game first
-Selectable criteria before joining a session: Stage, Region, other settings like Infinite Ammo and Friendly Fire

Stage Selection
-Individual stages within chapters can be accessed any time once completed

General updates
-QTE assist: Players can optionally activate QTE assist from Amateur difficulty inside any other difficulty level (handy for fighting a certain boss at the end of Leon’s campaign on Professional…)
-Some areas have had their difficulty adjusted based on feedback

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